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New Down I Go – Out Today!

November 7, 2011

‘Gods’ the final release by DOWN I GO is out today on shelsmusic.

It’s a proud day for us at shelsmusic HQ – we’ve been massive fans of Down I Go for many years and have always
wanted to work with them. Being involved with their final release is an awesome yet sombre event for us… and while
we don’t want these mofos to stop making records, we can’t help being totally stoked to be a part of the incredible
saga that has been Down I Go, and more importantly a finale that only a band like Down I Go can deliver.

Hand in hand with one of the best music videos of the year for their track “Poseidon”, Down I Go release “Gods”
on beautiful limited edition turqoise vinyl. Only 500 copies have been pressed and are available for you now at
every order comes with an instant download of the record and the EP is also available as download on the shelsmusic bandcamp page,
iTunes, and all other good digital outlets.

So, please head on over to and add “Gods” to your collection now!

And if you haven’t seen the video for “Poseidon” yet – you can do it here.

bang. your. head 🙂


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