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Ancients Release Debut Single!

August 14, 2011


After the demise of one of UK underground metal’s brightest talents, Rinoa – fans of epic hardcore music were left with a gaping hole in their universe. Fortunately, news of the split was shortly followed with an announcement by core Rinoa members to continue with a new incarnation that would take Rinoa’s unique vision to colossal new heights – or as the group would say: “a new constellation.”

Joined this time by Mehdi Safa (of *shels and Mahumodo) on vocals and Crydebris drummer Daniel Hoang  – ANCIENTS will unleash their debut 3-track single through Shelsmusic this September. And it’s no surprise that the group’s debut features such track titles as ‘Constellations’ and ‘De Stella Nova’ (the new star) to describe the fusion of unique elements that have come together to create a heavy musical journey like nothing before.

Ancients – “Constellations”
by shelsmusic

As ‘Constellations’ patiently unravels, it’s not long before you realise that something new
and monumental is on the verge of being delivered – and then it explodes into what feels like the soundtrack  to the birth of a thousand stars. It’s clear that ANCIENTS have not only retained the emotion and blistering power of all their past and present incarnations – but have also refined, transcended and perfected the art of making heavy music. But, this is more than just “Heavy”, this is colossal, delicate and beautiful – as giant slabs of distorted guitar intertwine with soaring vocals that scream like sirens of light – listeners are left recovering from the overwhelming dose of energy and emotion delivered.

This isn’t just a single – this is a mission statement by a band that are out to reshape music as we know it. ANCIENTS have arrived.


‘Constellations’ will be available as a limited edition single on CD (only 100 hand-screen-
printed copies and Digital.  The group have also started work on an EP that is being produced by Safa and Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul). It’s scheduled for release early next year.


Watch the official Trailer for the new single HERE:


Mucho love and respect!

*shelsmusic 😉