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New *shelsmusic Compilation! :)

November 14, 2011

This Friday Shelsmusic unveils its 2nd Collector’s Edition label compilation ‘Shelsmusic Compilation 2‘.



Featuring music from its 2009 & 2010 releases, ‘Shelsmusic Compilation 2‘ includes music from Ef, Admiral Angry, Latitudes, The Ascent of Everest and more. The release will be limited to only 100 physical hand-pressed copies as well as a digital download version.

Pre-orders will go on-sale this Friday (Nov 18) at midnight (US Pacific) at  All orders will receive an instant download of the album via email and on December 5 the digital version of the album will be available to the public for FREE until December 12 🙂
Here’s the full tracklisting:

1. EF – ‘Sons Of Ghosts’
2. Admiral Angry – ‘Android’
3. Sons Of Noel And Adrian – ‘Elsa’s House’
4. Pretend – ‘Those Luminous Noises Are God’
5. Latitudes – ‘Antechamber‘
6. Brother/Ghost – ‘Waal’
7. Parliament Of Owls – ‘Hateful Wrists’
8. The Ascent Of Everest – ‘Safely Caged In Bone’
Stay tuned for some cool deals we’ll be offering for the holidays 🙂

Mucho love and guacamole.



Go, Go, Gadget SHELSMUSIC!

June 16, 2011




sorry for the lack of label updates y’all! we’re still here… promise!

and now that Plains of the Purple Buffalo is on the verge of being unleashed to the world we figured it’d be a good time to squeeze in a quick shelsmusic update!

so, last year we unleashed a ton of yummy stuff from our hives. 7 new releases, including debuts by Brother/Ghost & Pretend, a new Admiral Angry EP on Vinyl, new albums by Ef and The Ascent of Everest and our very first ever Label Compilation 🙂 we then took some much needed time to finish our own new album Plains of the Purple Buffalo

being the small DIY operation that we are, we’ve had to be super picky about the projects we’ve gotten involved with in the past.. and starting NOW we’re gonna be even more picky – we’re gonna focus on fewer releases every year, maybe 3 or 4 max – and put more TIGEERRRUUPPERCUTS into every one. yeah. 

so, 2011 will kick off for shelsmusic with the new *shels album Plains of the Purple Buffalo

– and followed by the debut single and then EP by Ancients – featuring members of Rinoa, Crydebris and *shels.


We’ll also be announcing another new release soon – just waiting to confirm it, but this thing has had us jizzing in our panties non-stop for the last few weeks… so stay tuned for more news on that!

we’re looking forward to getting back to work with the label and as bringing you awesome music from around the planet. we’re super stoked to be doing what we do – working with some of the coolest artists and musicians from around the world – And we’re totally blessed to have the most awesome and dedicated music lovers on the planet following and supporting what we do – we promise to keep working our asses off for you to bring you the best shit we can!

see below for other bits and pieces from our magical kingdom:

mucho love and respect!

starship * s h e l s m u s i c o


ok… no one panic, but the release date for Plains of the Purple Buffalo has been pushed back to July 11th, due to some delays at the factory. all pre-orders will ship out on June 27th and should land by end of June. The album will be available at all good record stores and digital retail outlets worldwide on the web, including iTunes etc.. BUT if you’re planing to download the album (legitimately) PLEASE do so at instead of iTunes because they’re a bunch of thieving mofos and apple has enough money already 😛

Also – be sure to check out the next issue of Rock Sound Magazine (on news stands around the planet June 22) for a new track from the album on the cover CD, an awesome feature and a full page album review. yes! 🙂

we also have a limited edition Vinyl pressing of the album available at but we still need 20 more orders to be able to afford this, so if you haven’t ordered a copy yet – go do it! it’s only 22$ for a double vinyl 12″ packed full of awesomeness 🙂 go go go! 🙂


Transatlantic epic rockers Ancients will release their debut single on July 18th. The single will be available at and will include 2 tracks ‘Constellations’ and another. You’ll be able to download the tracks, or purchase a limited edition print/canvas and get the downloads for free. The group which features members of Rinoa, Crydebris and *shels are busy completing their debut EP which they plan to release through shelsmusic later this year. join Ancients on Facebook for more updates and info! 

Following an incredible show with Beecher in London recently, the mighty Latitudes are nearly finished writing music for a new album!!! which they plan to record this year with Chris Fielding at Foel Studios. You can get more info from the band on their Facebook page here. we cannot wait for this shit.


Following a highly successful run of shows in Europe recently, which included an unforgettable performance at this years Dunk! Festival in Belgium, the Ascent of Everest have started booking some US/CANADIAN dates (posted below) – the group has also started writing music for their 3rd new release which is as yet untitled. More info can be obtained from the band on their Facebook page here. here’s a video of the band performing at Dunk!


29\30 Thurs Fri – Louisville 

1 Sat – Chicago
2 Sun – Detroit\An Arbor
3 Mon – London ON
4 Tues – Hamilton ON
5 Wends – Toronto ON
6 Thurs – Montreal
7 – Friday – Boston
8 Sat – NYC
9 Sunday NYC
11 – 25 – EUROPE
27 Allentown\Philly
28 Baltimore\Philly
29 DC
30 knoxville

In 2008 we introduced you to one of the heaviest bands on the planet. and after witnessing LA sludge metal doomers Black Sheep Wall completely tear it up at Murderfest alongside Converge, The Red Chord and others earlier that year – we knew the world was in for another A Hole being torn. 

following the incredible response from around the world to their crushing debut album ‘I Am God Songs’ Black Sheep Wall proceeded to go through some turbulent periods – and as with all super hazardous compounds, the band was on the verge of collapse on more than one occasion.. but we’re happy to report that Black Sheep Wall are not only still standing.. but their form is more brutal than ever before – and with a new album on the verge of being released the group is currently touring the US – the band recently signed to Southern Lord Records, which has been home to such groups as Mayhem,Morbid AngelKylesa, and Dillinger Escape Plan and while we’ll be sad to see these mofos leave our nest, we’re proud to have been involved and super excited about their future, which is burning brightly. you can get more info about the new BSW album and their current tour on their Facebook Book page here.  

US tour dates:

Jun 16    Black Forest    Eugene, OR
Jun 17    Plan B    Portland, OR
Jun 18    Quesadilla Factory    Centralia, WA
Jun 19    The Morgue    Seattle, WA
Jun 20    House of the Rising Sun    Boise, ID

10/06/11 Chico, CA – Monstros Pizza
11/06/11 Sacramento, CA – The Hub
12/06/11 San Francisco, CA – Submission Art Space
13/06/11 Fresno, CA – Chinatown Youth Center
14/06/11 Simi Valley, CA – Infusion Cafe
15/06/11 Reno, NV – TBA
16/06/11 Portland, OR – TBA
17/06/11 Olympia, WA – TBA
18/06/11 Seattle, WA – TBA
19/06/11 Boise, ID – TBA
20/06/11 Salt Lake City, UT – TBA

and some studio videos here:

That’s all for now folks!

If you can see this then first 5 people to write us back with ANCIENTS DEBUT SINGLE OUT JULY 18 in the subject line
will get a free download of that single!



February 1, 2011

1. Ancients Join Shelsmusic – New project feat. members of Rinoa, *shels, Crydebris & Mahumodo
2. Latitudes UK Tour – Back from their debut UK Headline Tour and working on album #2.
3. Shelsmusic Unveils Compilation #2
4. *Shels Studio Update!
5. Shelsmusic Digital Store

First and foremost we want to wish you all a belated happy new year! Sorry for the lack of updates of late – we promise to make it up to you by embedding mucho hidden free gifts within this mailer – so get your predator vision ON. We’ve been ridiculously swamped catching-up with orders received over the holidays – as some of you already know, we totally sold out of all our merch in the first few days of our FREE Shipping sale and had to repress everything, which was a bit of a mission with most places being closed for the holidays. Add to it bad weather affecting shipping and it all turned into a massive delay getting stuff out. But we’ve finally caught up and if you haven’t yet received all your merch, you will do any day now! Thanks for your patience and Congrats to those of you who managed to get the Free shipping deal;) Aside from that we’ve been busy talking with a bunch of new bands and working on our plans for 2011. Top of the list and first to announce is Ancients – a new project comprised of members of recently defunct Epic rockers RINOA – the line-up also includes members of the incredible Crydebris and Mehdi Safa of *shels on Vocals. More info on that below. In addition to new signings we’re also unveiling the 2nd of our limited collector’s edition SHELSMUSIC Compilations. So, scroll down.. and let us know if you have any questions! 🙂

Shelsmusic is extremely proud and excited to welcome Ancients to the family.
Ancients is a new project formed in January 2011 and is comprised of members of Rinoa, *shels, Crydebris and Mahumodo. “Constellations” is the first track unveiled by the group which can be heard **here**The group were recently interviewed by the mighty Rock Sound and you can check that out here:

Ancient are currently working on their debut EP which is set for a release through Shelsmusic later this year. Stay tuned for more info including a limited edition release and video. You can also get more news and info from the following pages – so if you have’nt joined these do it! Ancients on Facebook
Shelsmusic on Facebook
Ancients on Myspace
Ancients on Twitter

Mucho thanks to everyone who came out to Latitudes’ UK tour last month with HAMMERS and made each show such an incredible and monumental experience. It was Latitudes’ first UK Headline tour, which culminated with an incredible FREE show at the Old Blue Last in London. You can check out some of the tour pics on the Latitudes FB page here: Those of you who were at the shows would have heard some new tracks that will be on a new Latitudes record that is currently being written. Expect it to be filthier, faster and more abrasive than ever. Latitudes are still on the hunt for a permanent vocalist too to join the crew, so if you think you have what it takes then hit them up at . don’t be shy! ;)here’s a picture taken by the awesome James Milne in Manchester while Latitudes were on tour. The rest of the shoot can be seen on Latitudes Facebook page here. 





Latitudes have two releases currently on sale at – Their debut EP “Bleak Epiphanies in Slow Motion” and their debut album “Agonist”. They also have a bunch of awesome new Tshirts for sale here: http:/ – Stocks are now extremely rare – so grab something while you still can 🙂 

2nd in our series of limited collector’s edition compilations will go on sale very shortly. The record will be as a CD or digital download with the CD featuring artwork done by hand using our famous silkscreen printers 😉 Only 100 physical copies will be pressed and pre-orders will be announced through this mailing list first. The compilation will feature tracks from Shelsmusic releases over the span of 2009-2010 and will have the following track listing:1. Ef “Sons Of Ghosts”
2. Admiral Angry “Android”
3. Sons Of Noel And Adrian “Elsa’s House”
4. Pretend “Those Luminous Noises Are God”
5. Latitudes “Antechamber”
6. Waal “Brother/Ghost”
7. Hateful Wrists “Parliament Of Owls”
8. Safely Caged In Bone “The Ascent Of Everest”4. *SHELS STUDIO UPDATE!
The highly anticipated and long overdue album by *shels is nearing completion. The group spent much of Christmas working on the finishing touches for their 3rd release, which has been titled “Plains Of The Purple Buffalo”. Tom and Mehdi recently spent time at the studios in Brighton University, in the UK with *shels Trumpeteer Arif Driessen to finish the remaining brass sections. Very excited by how it’s sounding and hope ya’ll will dig it and be into it. *shels are currently mixing the album at their home studio in California and aim to have it released by End of May 🙂 email us if you have any questions!

Following the hugely successful release of their beautiful 2nd album “From This Vantage” Nashville’s The Ascent Of Everest have been invited to play a slew of Festivals and shows across the US and Europe. The band is currently putting together dates for a European tour – more info will be released as soon as dates have been firmed up. If you live in Europe you can expect to see TAOE near you soon! If you haven’t picked-up a copy of “From This Vantage” do it at and don’t miss out on this. For fans of forward thinking, adventurous, brave and extremely emotional music. We are in love with this band and what they do and so proud to be involved. We hope you’ll jump aboard and join us in supporting brave musicians doing what they love and believe in like The Ascent Of Everest.

Thanks to all of you who have been downloading music directly from us at our digital store located at This is where we as a label and the bands get the most from your orders. While iTunes and other sites are great at distributing music across the web, we as a label and the bands only get a tiny share of those downloads. So we hope you’ll spread the word and encourage folks to download directly from our site where and when possible.

We’ll also be introducing some sweet deals soon at our store. For example we feel that if folks are willing to buy a Tshirt, hoody or print they should get to download an album of their choice for FREE from our website. Not only is it a nice treat – but it’ll help us get spread some of this awesome music that we believe in so much.

In closing we’d just like to say that we are BLESSED to be able to do what we do. Thanks to all of YOU. We might be a small label working in a super challenging industry – but if you think independent labels have it tough, just consider what it takes to be in an unsigned band or a band on a small label. We’re extremely honored to be involved with bands like Latitudes, Admiral Angry, Ef, The Ascent of Everest and all the rest of the bands on Shelsmusic. All of whom share similar stories of perseverance and juggling day jobs with trying to save up enough to go on tour or record and release their music. It takes a lot of guts to do what they do and we hope you’ll jump on the starship Shelsmusico and help us support these talented folks by spreading the word – buying a Tshirt or picking up a copy of the album – in return we’ll do all we can to make sure you’re happy and proud of your order by putting love into the artwork, and the work whether it’s recording, printing or whatever. We want every order, every release, every print to be a timeless collectable you can be proud of. So, if even the most you can do is post a comment on one of the band’s Facebook pages or an email – then do it – things like that can be so encouraging and fuel for a band to keep BRINGING IT in the face of whatever difficulty. Thank YOU all for being a part of this. We’d also like to say that there are thankfully A LOT of good people out there doing shit the right way –  helping bands, labels like us and helping good music be heard. Magazines like Rock Sound, Terrorizer many labels, promoters, venues, photographers and fans who get involved, give up their time, energy and help. We’re proud to know you and work with you on a daily basis.So, here’s to an incredible 2011 for us all. Now check out, complete your shelsmusic collection and bang your heads! :)mucho love, thanks and respect! 





sup predators!! first 5 people to email us back with the subject line. WUDDUP FOOLS in the subject line – gets a free copy of the new Shelsmusic COmpilation #2 from our store.
The first one to email us back gets to chose any Tshirt as well. Good luck folks!


December 2, 2010

FREE Shipping, NEW MERCH AND massive price reductions this month only!
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Stocks are extremely limited, so order ASAP to ensure delivery before Christmas.
Please allow 5-7 Business days for your orders to arrive.


Happy Holidays!


Latitudes Hunt For Vocals.

September 12, 2010
1. Latitudes Seek Vocalist.
2. Shelsmusic Launch New Digital Store!

1. Latitudes Seek Vocalist.
The Mighty Latitudes are on the hunt for a permanent vocalist to join the crew.
For more information on how to try out please follow this link:

Latitudes will play a Free Show in London on Oct 26 with Kruger and Caretaker.
Click the flyer for more info:

2. Shelsmusic Unveils New Digital Store!
Please head over to and check out our brand
spanking new Digital Store for the best place on the web to download your
favourite Shelsmusic releases 🙂  Tell your buddies and spread the good
word and get downloading! 🙂


Free copy of A Fire To Burn Down The World on CD by Admiral Angry to the first person to email us back.

s h e l s m u s i c
PO BOX 4367 IRVINE CA 92616

This email may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the
intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender 
immediately and destroy this email. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution 
of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.

Shelsmusic Compilation *1*

July 27, 2010
We’re proud to unveil our First in a series of Limited Edition Compilations featuring the first set of Shelsmusic releases between 2007-2008..
Only 100 copies will be pressed – so make sure you order your copy asap!
each copy was individually painted & screen-printed/ numbered by hand.
available now at

SHELSMUSIC Comp *1* (2007-2008)

We also have the following Limited Edition releases available now:

EF Mourning Golden Morning


Thanks and have a nice day! 🙂

s h e l s m u s i c
PO BOX 4367 IRVINE CA 92616

This email may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the
intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender 
immediately and destroy this email. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution 
of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.

Happy Holidays & Thanks!

December 18, 2009
2) BIG PLANS FOR 2010 – *Shels, Ef, The Ascent of Everest, Admiral Angry, Black Sheep Wall and more…

First off, THANKS to all of you who took part in our annual winter sale.

Once again, those were some of the biggest deals we’ve ever offered, so congrats if you took advantage of it. Your goodies have been packed and shipped and should arrive in time for the holidays!

Before we sign off for the year, we wanted to share a few important things with y’all!


as we prepare to celebrate our third Christmas together, and 3 years of chillin’ out, maxin’, beard-strokin’ and bangin’ our heads to some of the finest vibrations from around the planet, we can’t help look back at what a crazy year it’s been…

’09 started for us on the hunt for new music – wasn’t long before it was a hunt for some change in the sofa! yup – like alotta folks, we spent the better part of the year holding onto our beards for dear life! (and eating record breaking amounts of In N Out burger) while weathering the financial shit storm – but from the ashes of an already battered music industry, we have witnessed DIY flourish and bloom – and from where we’re sitting, the view is incredible.

despite the financial fiascos, we’ve sailed forward and along the way have taken part in some of the coolest projects ever, including new releases from Admiral Angry, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Parliament of Owls and Latitudes. Our music licensing division has continued to grow too, as we place more music in Film, TV and Games than ever before and thanks to incredible friendships, awesome familias and all of YOU for your support, we’re now on the verge of some our most exciting plans ever, and set to bring you new releases from *Shels, Admiral Angry, Black Sheep Wall (that’s right!), Ef, Brother Ghost, Pretend, The Ascent of Everest and more in 2010…

NONE of this would exist without the support from A LOT of good folks who have believed in us and supported us from day 1 – you know who you are (and so do we) and we won’t ever forget it, THANK YOU for being so awesome. In particular we’d like to thank – for their love, energy and continued support: Gary Davidson, Hamid Jabbar, Everyone at Rock Sound Magazine, BijanTuttle, Tom Fox, Jackson Thompson and Marcus Hamblett.

So, without further delay… here’s what’s been up, down, and all around on board the Starship Shelsmusico 😉


– *Shels — New album in production

We’re about 3/4 of the way through! Drums, guitars are all recorded now and all that’s left is some bass, vox, trumpets, strings, some special sauce and a few other bits and pieces… for more info, including studio pics and some videos look us up on Facebook.

We’re aiming to have the finished master by end of December and in stores by around May.

– The Ascent of Everest — New album in production and set for 2010 release

Nashville epic rockers The Ascent of Everest have started work on their as yet untitled new album. Speaking with them last week, we’re happy to report that they are more excited than ever about the music and can’t wait to share the new record with you. We should have updates from them soon and once we do, we’ll be sure to share it with you! In the mean time, keep checking their myspace page for news!

– Admiral Angry — New EP recorded and set for Early 2010 release

A Fire To Burn Down The World” has been recorded — we’ve heard it, and it’s the most brutal thing ever — it’s in final stages of post production and we should have it ready for release early next year!

– Ef — New Album recorded and set for April 2010 release

Ef’s new album landed in our mail box on Tuesday – the album, recently produced by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) is still unmastered, but hasn’t left the ghetto blaster at Shelsmusic HQ – the record has been titled “Mourning Golden Morning” and is just a breathtaking piece of work – all the artwork has been completed and we just can’t wait to share this with you all! Ef will head to the UK in April as part of their European tour to support the album launch. Stay tuned for more info.

– Black Sheep Wall — New Album!

It’s been a crazy few years for LA’s nihilistic doom crew Black Sheep Wall. We’ll refrain from delving into all the nitty gritty – the news is this, BSW will be pushing forward with work on a new and as yet untitled album with Admiral Angry Drummer, Chris Stites behind the drums. The long awaited follow-up to their 2008 debut “I Am God Songs” is planned for 2010 release through Shelsmusic.

watch. this. space.

– Brother Ghost — In Rock Sound and debut on track for April 2010 release

Brother Ghost have been picked as “ones to watch” for 2010 in the current issue of Rock Sound magazine. Plans to release their debut EP in Spring are on course. Keep checking their myspace for more info!


we’re extremely lucky to be doing what we do – working in music, with some of our favorite bands/people ever. We realize that we’re a fortunate few and that the majority of folks around the world struggle daily for basic things we sometimes take for granted. we’re looking forward to growing, at our own pace, in 2010, to meet more awesome new faces, make more new friends and take this crazy and awesome family to greater plains.

Thank you for sharing this ride with us, and for supporting us along the way.


Stay tuned! 🙂

and… Have an AWESOME holiday and new year! 🙂

TONS of love!



November 29, 2009

Our Annual FREE Shipping Sale begins this week. Visit our online store for Massive discounts!

FREE & Shipping

Order by Dec 15 to ensure delivery before Christmas.
Please allow 5-7 Business days for your orders to arrive.

Happy Holidays!


October 19, 2009

Latitudes’ have confirmed the following UK shows with Brooklyn heavy hitters A Storm of Light and others.

Oct 28 – London – Islington Bar Academy w/ A Storm of Light & Minsk
Oct 25 – Kingston – The Fighting Cocks w/ A Storm of Light & Minsk
Oct 31 – Ipswich – The Swan w/ These Monsters & The Freezing Fog
Nov 8 – Hitchin – Club85 w/ Trippy Wicked
Nov 29 – London – The Old Blue Last w/ Rinoa + more tba

The debut album “Agonist” is now available at all good record stores (if they still exist) and
here are some of the first reviews in:

“…a staggering debut4KKKK Kerrang! Magazine
“…dark, dreamy, beautiful and monumentally heavy…13/13
“…inspiring…” 4/5
“…some heavy shit right there…” 9/10
breathtaking…”8/10 Rock Sound Magazine
bold, energetic, moody, atmospheric… everything a debut should be8/10

click below to order “Agonist” now


Latitudes Album In Stores Today!

October 4, 2009

Latitudes’ Debut Album “Agonist” is in stores today! And the good people at HMV have put it in their recommended section, so go check it out! 🙂

Grab a copy today, Blast it and Bang your heads! 🙂 then check this out:

*shels 🙂