DOWN I GO – at a theater near you!

DOWN I GO: Premiere New Music Video at the Aubin Cinema, London.

Not long ago, we received an email from a group of talented mofos that we’re fortunate to call our amigos. We’ve been huge fans of Down I Go from the moment we laid our ears on ’em and our eyes on their incredible video for A Wasp In Jar.

So, what was in this email you ask? A link – to their final EP, GODS and POSEIDON, a new video
directed by the mighty Adam Powell (if you aren’t familiar with Adam… look up his work now!)

Down I Go’s first video in 2007 was directed by Adam, and only those of you who’ve seen it will know how sick it is when these two forces combine. If you haven’t seen it, we urge you to check it!

Nothing we can tell you can overhype this. You’re all in for one hellova show.
This is one of those amazing rare moments when a bunch of talented mofos get together to produce something monumental, totally DIY with basically zero money.

To celebrate the launch of POSEIDON, Down I Go will be hosting a FREE viewing party at the Aubin Cinema in London,  on October 8, where the video will be premiered on the cinema’s biggest screen. The video will also go live online here: on the same day and shelsmusic will start taking pre-orders for GODS too.

Unfortunately Down I Go will cease to exist after they release their final EP on November 7th.
The EP will be limited to 300 copies on Vinyl and via digital download and will be available at

So, if you live nearby then grab your friends and head down to the Aubin Cinema.
You’ll get to watch one of the coolest music videos ever, at one of the coolest cinemas ever, have some drinks and bid  farewell to one of the coolest groups ever.
There’ll be live performances and loads of FREE giveaways too, including copies of past Down I Go releases and more…

Here’s more info on the event Facebook Event Page:

see ya’ll there! 🙂

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