On November 7, 2011 shelsmusic will release DOWN I GO’s final EP, Gods.

Formed in 2005 and respected as one of the most innovative hardcore bands of the last decade DOWN I GO have consistently surpassed expectations and defied logic with their chaotic, genre-defying blend of noise-core. Accredited with creating sub-genres such as Disastercore and Robotcore, among others, and with 3 albums, 2 EPs and a trail of other random recordings behind them, DOWN I GO have been an ice cool breeze in a scene that has been drowning in it’s own stink.

Satisfyingly chaotic and therapeutically volatile, DOWN I GO have always been DIY to the core with their self produced recordings, videos and artwork – their focus has always been the music, their loyal cult following and the sharp messages that lay within layers of the noisy, twisted and satirical transmissions. Their final farewell is a sombre event for their peers and fans – and the icing on the cake of an incredible repertoire that will resonate for years to come. And it’s no surprise that after tackling themes like Dictators, Disasters, Dinosaurs and Robots, in previous releases, DOWN I GO have saved the Gods for last.


As with previous releases, Gods is not a simple collection of songs… it’s an event that needs to be appreciated as a whole. Like a play, choreographed by lunatics at an insane asylum it shrieks and twists chaotically. Press play and DOWN I GO will take you down with them… and wherever that is… it’s frikkin’ awesome. Gods will crush your face and rearrange your brain molecules – in a good way. Charlie Sheen has nightmares about getting his pussy destroyed by this band.

DOWN I GO will release their final self produced EP, Gods on Nov 7th through Shelsmusic. Pre-orders will go on sale on October 7th. The release will be a limited edition pressing on Vinyl and digital only and available at The group have also completed a video with Director Adam Powell, which will be released on October 7.

If you are unfamiliar with DOWN I GO click on this link for some of their previous work.

Please head over to now. First person to post “Fudging Awesome” on their wall will get a free copy of the record on Vinyl. First 10 people will get a free download of the album.

mucho love and respect.



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