Shelsmusic is extremely excited to present ourFinal release of the year –
just in time for some SUMMER TIME ☺. Thedebut album by LA Jazz
Rockers Pretend, “Bones in The Soil, Rust in the Oil”.

Comprised of high school friends, Pretend capture aunique energy in
their music, which showcases a blend of Jazz, Indie,Emo and Post-rock.
And while the young 4-piece list Marty Anderson,Mike Kinsella & Victor
Villereal, JD Knotts, Sonic Youth andAmerican Football as their influences
– to our ears it’s like abeautiful marriage between early Smashing
Pumpkins and The Bad Plus,with a lot of fairy dust sprinkled in…

Pretend’s debut album “Bones In The Soil,Rust In The Oil” is an Epic

journey, clocking-in at well overan hour with several tracks that sprawl-
out over the ten minute mark -it’s clear that limits are not in the
vocabulary here. Everything isorganic and natural – the music is allowed
to breath and unravel,without any rules, planning or thought. And for the
better part of thisrecord it feels like your experiencing an incredible jam.
Vocals areused sparingly, and gently accent the flood of melodies created
bytwinkly guitars that finger-pick their way in and around fluid Jazz
drums… the result is Beautiful, Uplifting and Awe-inspiring.

It’s always exciting to be present at the birth of something new – and
when creativity, passion and energy are backed-up with talent likethis, it
feels a lot more monumental.

We’re extremely proud to be involved with Pretend and hope you’ll enjoy
their debut as much as we have.

The debut Album “Bones In The Soil, Rust In The Oil” by
Pretend is set for worldwide release throughShelsmusic on July 26th.

The album will be available as download from all the usual places and
as a limited edition hand-made digipak only at

more info and music at:

and don’t forget:

Now watch this:


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