Admiral Ef.

A LOT happening at Shelsmusic…  here’s a quick update!

1. NEW Ef Album “Mourning Golden Morning”Pre-orders go up NEXT WEEK!
2. NEW Admiral Angry Vinyl EP “A Fire To Burn Down The World”Pre-orders go up NEXT WEEK!
3. A Message from Brandon Gillichbauer of Admiral Angry/Black Sheep Wall/Noriega.
4. The Ascent of Everest set to release NEW Album!
5. Brother Ghost & Pretend Release dates set!

1&2. Pre-order New Releases from Ef and Admiral Angry next week at – Admiral Angry’s New EP “A Fire to Burn Down The World” will be our first Vinyl release (Finally!) and will also be available on limited edition CD and digital download. Ef’s new album entitled “Mourning Golden Morning” will be available as limited edition hand-screen printed CD, here’s a preview of the artwork which is currently being worked on. You can pre-order both releases next Monday (March 08). The first 50 pre-orders for each release will receive a special limited edition gift.


3. A Message from Brandon Gillichbauer of Admiral Angry/Black Sheep Wall/Noriega.

“In celebration of the life of Daniel Kraus’, a band that he and I had called “FIELDS” is putting up our entire album for free on the Fields myspace page – the album went online at midnight on February 25h – exactly 1 year since he passed. Danielwrote 1 of the songs and the other 2 were written while dealing with his loss.”

head over to to download the album for free.

4. The Ascent of Everest set to release NEW Album!

The Ascent of Everest have completed work on their second studio full-length recording. The album, which has been entitled “From This Vantage” will be released through Shelsmusic on May 3, 2010.
The album will be released on CD and as a Limited Edition Vinyl pressing. Stay tuned for more information including how to pre-order!

5. Brother Ghost & Pretend Release dates set!

Brother Ghost have confirmed May 31, 2010 for the launch of their debut EP, “Black Ice” – the band have been busy booking a monster US tour that kicks off this month! LA Jazz Rockers Pretend are also set to release their debut album through Shelsmusic on May 31. We’ll keep you updated with both those releases, in the meantime – if you’d like to check out some Brother Ghost or Pretend you can do so at the following sites:

email us and let us know what you think!

In other news, Shelsmusic HQ will be relocating to an old avocado farm in South CA – it’s a pretty big move, so, if we are off the grid for a few weeks we’re prob busy getting our denim overalls, chewing tobacco and cowboy hats ON… 😛 we plan to set-up our own silkscreen printing press and a recording studio/retreat for bands to getaway and do some recording. More info on all that to come!

Oh, and as always, there is a hidden message in this email so activate your Predator vision NOW. 😉


s h e l s m u s i c
PO BOX 4367 IRVINE CA 92616

This email may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the
intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender 
immediately and destroy this email. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution 
of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.

yeehaw! if you’re still reading, you’ve just won a copy of the new Admiral Angry EP on Vinyl. Or any other release from our store – simply email us back with REED AVOCADO in the subject line and the first one gets it! xxxx


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