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Admiral Angry Album Out Now!

July 6, 2009

“Skull-scrapingly heavy…” – 4KKKK Kerrang!

“Brilliantly ugly…” – 9/10 Rock Sound

“Will have you wetting yourself in excitement…” – 9/10

“This is punishing listening…” – 13/13

“One of the heaviest albums you’re likely to come across…” – 10/10

The crushing debut album by LA doom riders Admiral Angry goes on-sale today. You can pick-up a copy at your local record store (if it’s still standing) or download the album from itunes by clicking here, OR you could order one of 300 limited edition copies from and pickup an exclusive hand-made canvas print as well.

Admiral Angry head to the studio in August to record “A Fire To Burn Down The World” EP – to be released by Shelsmusic later this year.

visit for more info.

bang. your. heads.