Following the recent tragic loss of Admiral Angry guitarist/driving force Daniel Kraus, friends and family have come together to put on a special event in celebration of Daniel’s life, artwork and music. The show will feature performances by Intronaut, Admiral Angry,Benoit (featuring members of Black Sheep Wall), Snakes Alive, Wire Werewolves & Fields.

After much discussion the band have decided to move forward with the release of their debut album and EP through Shelsmusic.

Here’s a recent statement from Admiral bassist Brandon Gillichbauer…

“As planed we will release “Buster” through Shelsmusic who have generously agreed to divert all proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Daniel’s name. We have also decided to proceed with the recording of our last EP “A Fire to Burn Down the World.” After a lot of thought we decided this was the right thing to do, Daniel was very proud of the material and we believe he would have wanted it to be shared with everyone. As a good friend recently told me, “it’s our obligation as musicians to carry on his voice and ideas”. Daniel Kraus was The Admiral and we could never replace him as a friend or as a musician.”

Brandon /AA



w w w . s h e l s m u s i c . c o m



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