Admiral Angry Joins *Shelsmusic!

Just a quick Valentines day note to announce a special new addition to the ever growing *shels family music’son.

Please join us in welcoming the filthy five-piece Los Angeles doom crew Admiral Angry.

Here’s what’s happened… John Conner has been taken hostage – he spilled his guts and now T1000’s are on their way to raid your house while blasting Admiral Angry over the loud speakers and banging their heads!

Sharing members with label mates Black Sheep Wall, Admiral Angry is the tortured zombie that you killed 5 times already, but won’t go down – it’s the blistering raw energy of early Will Haven, the aural savagery of Rabies Caste (who? look ’em up!) and the broken orchestrations of Meshuggah – the buildings are tumbling down during the air strike… the ground beneath your feet is crumbling away – everything is broken and twisted – Obama has run home to his mommy.

Having shared stages with the likes of Napalm Death, Intronaut, Dead to Fall, A Life Once Lost, Animosity and others… Admiral are now preparing to unleash their debut album through Shelsmusic.

Stay tuned, bang your heads… try not to wet your beds, and have a lovely Friday the 13th!


w w w . s h e l s m u s i c . c o m


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