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Happy Holidays & Thanks!

December 20, 2008

Dear amigos! 🙂

First off, THANKS to all of you who took part in our winter sale last week.Those were some of the best deals we’ve ever offered, so congrats if you managed to take advantage!

We hope your goodies have arrived safely and in time for the holidays!

It’s been super busy around our stables this last few weeks – below are a few important updates we wanted to share with you before the new year!



Thanks to all of you who came down to our shows with The Ascent of Everest last month – you made it a tour we’ll never forget – and prob the best we’ve ever been on! Lots of good vibes, memories and life-long friends made 🙂 Check our *blog for some new pics up soon!

We’d like to send special thanks to the hard working mofos at Rock Sound who made it all possible – Les and our friends at Relentless Energy Drinks for keeping us (and TAOE) awake, (un-jetlagged) and totally wired every night – Nick @ Vans for keeping us warm and sexily clad – the good folks at Damnation for keeping it more METAL than the death star’s balls! – Gary Davidson, Lauren Bell, Nick Atkinson, BEEEJ! and all of TAOE for being awesome! – Sons of Noel and Adrian, Rinoa, Latitudes, Carcass, Tom and the rest of the Bossk mofos (sort it out already dudes!) Olly and Johnny Truant, DSHS, Adam Powell and Sometimenever, Marianne Harris and her magical goggles, Georgie boy (Cancer man), Remain Silenced, Rosenbridge, and most importantly, all of you who traveled long distances to come and see us play!

There are just TONS of folks who have helped us by putting their time, love and good vibes into *this… and without you (and you know who you are!), *this wouldn’t exist… SO, if you don’t see your name here, it’s clearly the fault of the shitty Economy! 😛


Thanks for all the invitations to play in a town near you – we’re extremely eager to make this happen in 2009 starting with the rest of Europe. We’re thinking… Germany, Italy, France, Poland and more perhaps… (gotta spend some time on google maps figuring it out, and also check the $$ situation! :P), but we’re aiming for Spring, or Early summer – so, stay tuned!

The priority right now is to wrap-up the new album – we have lots of new material going into it, so there’s a good chance it’ll be spread across an Album and EP. We’re hoping to have it produced by the end of Jan, but don’t want to rush it, so we’ll keep you all updated along the way!


Keep an eye out for our new site, blog, webstore AND new limited edition t-shirts arriving early in Jan 2009 – We’ll email you when those are all up!

We’ve been talking to LOTS of incredible new bands, some of which we hope to work with in 2009 – we’re eager to introduce you to them soon, so, stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted!

We’ll also be making a few important changes in ’09 as we continue to grow this ship – we’d like to focus more on what we’ve always loved the most, which is making stuff with our hands! 🙂 So, look out for more hand-made, collectable, hand-printed, limited edition goodies and releases, with more love and more personal care that ever before! So, stay tuned, and if you haven’t already joined our mailing list, ‘do it now Cohaygen!!’ to keep informed with everything we’re up to!


Check ’em out!


– Currently working on their debut Album for release later in 2009.
SONS – Worldwide Album Launch, Limited Edition EP and European Tour in 2009.
Back home and working on the follow-up to their awesome debut ‘How Lonely Sits The City’
– Head into the studio in Jan to record the follow-up to their brutal debut ‘I Am God Songs’
BSW – Limited Edition EP & T-shirt coming soon!
– Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ shootin’ some bball…


We’re extremely fortunate to be doing what we do and for those of you who know us best, you’ll know that 2008, was an important year for us (and officially our first full year as a new label) so, we’re looking forward to keep growing, at our own pace, in 2009, to meet more awesome new faces, make more new friends and take this crazy and awesome family to new and higher plains.


Stay tuned! 🙂

and… Have an AWESOME holiday and new year! 🙂

LOTS of love!

The Swiss family *Shelsmusic’son



December 19, 2008

Official statement from the band:

“what have we been up to?

well the bands going through some changes. From the last album we’re going to have a different drummer (mostly), a different bassplayer and an added second guitarist, as well as plenty of instrumental dual drums jams. Brandon and Jackson are jamming on their own stuff though and Jackson’s assured me that its what this band would be doing if we hadnt (he’d call it “stopped wanting to write that stuff” techier/metal-ier?/proggressiv-ey? idk), so as soon as they get anything going we’ll let you know about it. I’m imagining a baby meshuggah with a lot of splash and mini china cymbals…haha, no j/k I’m sure its gonna be bomb stuff that I’m glad they can write…i look forward to it guys, even if i only talk to one of you

So what does that mean for this band?

well, me and scott are still in it, so whatever we brought to the table will be, but we’re also bringing our good ironically named friends, Andrew and Andrew into the band! or call em Drew and Dewey…i guess the name Andrews a no go?! But yea, Drew used to sing for this bands old band, and plays guitar for us now, and Dewey used to play bass in I Got Shot In The Face with me. Both are adding to the band exponentially and I cant wait for the brain hemorrhage im gonna get from trying to get both of these fucks to do anything nearing responsibility…no no, i kid, i do

also playing drums for us will most likely be the I Got Shot In The Face drummer and prominent “only Filipino friend in plenty peoples lives” Apie Santa Cruz!!!! He’s down to jam on Sunday, so I’m pretty sure itll work out. But make no mistake, fuck our old bands…new stuff will not sound like any of that mess

so we’re planning on recording our own full length (or EP if it ends up sucking) this winter in Los Angeles. We’ll all be home long enough (we live far apart) to have this band be our sole responsibility (for fucking sure!?)…next to all the other stuff…so thats the goal, to write and record an album by the end of january…we’ve got two songs fleshed out and we’re stoked like fuck for those

aw man, wanted to get away from all that text, anyways, this band is keepin on, new stuffs gonna be way different…but blah, i dont even want to set it up like that…just hey, honestly, we wrote i am god songs in like, March 07, and i dont know if you can do the math, but thats almost 2 years ago…im about to graduate college, i moved out, done some drugs, i dont know, im growing up, man, shits changin…i cant speak for scott but I know hes in a different place than he was then…what im saying is, that i feel no reason not to let those changes in perspective be reflected in our music…so thats whats happenin, for better or worse

we’ll obviously let you know when we’ve got any new shit goin on

till then listen to Yellow6 and anything related to Brian Wilson”

– jeff/bsw

*Shels in Practice

December 19, 2008

A rare peek into the practice room as *shels prepares for their Nov 2008 tour with The Ascent of Everest.

By our good friend Chris West.

Part 1

Part 2